What does Volt stand for?

By promoting cooperation across generations and borders, we shape a European story of positive politics. Our approach transcends national boundaries as we draw inspiration from best European practices, including Utrecht's cycling infrastructure, Barcelona's urban planning and Vienna's affordable housing model.

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Grundlagen der Volt-Politik
Mobility & Infrastructure
If Belgium and Europe want to be both economically and ecologically prosperous 15 years from now, we have to accelerate and increase investments in sustainable and resilient infrastructure, transport and mobility.
Economy & Fiscal Justice
Our vision is to create a society in which everyone in need benefits from tax relief to make their daily expenses, such as groceries and outings, easier to bear. We aim to eliminate paternalistic practices, such as car subsidies and company cars. Furthermore, we strive for an economy that grows sustainably, benefiting people, health, the planet, and nature.
Energy Transition & Climate
Global warming, the loss of biodiversity, and the pollution of air and water: climate change is causing increasing damage to humans and nature. Therefore, it is vital, among other things, to transition away from fossil fuels for the future of humanity and indeed the world as we know it. Volt proposes a pragmatic approach based on a combination of nuclear energy and renewable energies, with the latter taking a growing portion of our energy production over the years.
Education & Equal Opportunities
Our European Union is founded upon the values of Respect for human dignity, Freedom, Democracy, Equality, Rule of law, and Respect for human rights, including those of minorities. To realise a society built on these values, Volt is committed to advance policies that lead to Belgium being a systematically inclusive society that offers equal opportunities for all. Systemic inclusion is of high importance as such a society would be beneficial to all Belgians.
EU & Citizen Participation
Volt believes that a lot of issues are the same all over Europe (or even beyond) and need a European response. Therefore it would make sense to move competences from a national and regional, or even a local, level to the EU.

The 5+1 Challenges

Volt has defined 5+1 fundamental Challenges that need to be tackled in each European country and in Europe as a whole.

Why 5 + 1 Challenges?

The 5 Challenges are basically the same for every country, but their implementation can be adapted on the national level to take into account local realities.

The +1 Challenge – our proposal to reform and strengthen the EU – is identical across all our national programmes.

  • 01

    Smart State

    Education and digitalisation are key elements of the 21st century.

  • 02

    Economic Renaissance

    An innovative economy must be the engine of society's progress.

  • 03

    Social Equality

    No-one should be left behind - no matter their gender, income, religion. or origin.

  • 04

    Global Balance

    Europe needs to assume responsibility for its role in global challenges.

  • 05

    Citizen Empowerment

    People must be empowered to influence politics beyond elections alone.

  • +1

    EU Reform

    We love the EU - this doesn't mean there is no room for improvement.